Sunday, March 03, 2019


It's that polar vortex, doing its weather dance again, causing the temperature to plummet, as if running away from the horror of it!

But we don't mind. We know it's the last one. We are confident of that. I dig out my warmest sweater one final time and start thinking about moving all that "warmest stuff" to the back of the closet, in anticipation of spring.

Besides, it's a sunny day. A lovely day!

farmette life-2.jpg

Just not one for spending much time outside. Unless you're a cat.

farmette life-18.jpg

You can tell that I have all three here today. This wasn't the case from the getgo, but eventually they trickled in, in their now usual order -- Stop Sign... (looking for me in the barn this morning as I feed the cheepers)

 farmette life-5.jpg

... then Dance... (coming in across porch side snowbanks)

 farmette life-7.jpg

(joining her mommy in the garage)

farmette life-13.jpg

... and eventually Jacket. Possibly from yet a different place, though who knows. Animal prints are everywhere. I can no longer opine about who slept where and for what reason.

So here I am in March and I can't believe my luck: we are days away from Spring!

Breakfast, in the sunny front room.

farmette life-11.jpg

After my trip (short as it was), after any trip, there is a period of catch up. It's shocking how quickly you can fall behind in routine tasks.

And in the evening, the young family, the Madison young family is here for dinner. Let me put up that most impossible photo -- but one I try for every week, as if it could be done! -- that of all of us at the dinner table. I am holding people up, so I must be quick. The kids are stuffing food in -- never an easy thing to put in a photo. Ed is uncooperative. The young parents are so patient with me that I feel inordinately guilty for trampling over the normality of the event with my camera. For all those reasons, it's always the quickest of quick shots. And in its imperfection, I find the perfection of our time at the table. The joy is in the wonderful wackiness of the family meal.

farmette life-37.jpg

(pre-dinner fun)

farmette life-27.jpg

(dessert of cookies and fruits)

farmette life-41.jpg

(Before during and after: stories)

farmette life-54.jpg

After dinner, there is always at least a little time for play.

farmette life-66.jpg

farmette life-71.jpg

And then the young family goes home and as I tidy up, I think about the wonderfulness of this whole last week, even as one could say that the animal issues and the weather issues drove me a tad nuts.

Cold night tonight. I mean, really cold. Super duper cold -- words I would use with my grandkids. And who cares! It's the end of a season. After this week -- we're onto bigger and better things!