Friday, August 05, 2011

evening leisure

The trouble with borrowing twelve movies is that you get determined to watch them all. Yesterday it was about the guy liking junk food, today it’s about a guy stuck in his wife’s untimely death. We watched all of that as well. After, Ed played YouTube clips of Buddy Holly songs (one was featured at the end of the movie). It did not erase the terribly sad moments from the movie, particularly since Buddy himself died an untimely death. I begged, instead, for a viewing of yesterday’s Jon Stewart (we don’t have cable and so we watch it a day late), hoping that acerbic humor would make me laugh and laugh, but Ed was lost in his replays of Peggy Sue. Over and over, I love you, Peggy Sue.

See, this is what comes from working too hard all day – in my case on my writing. Editing really.

I do have a photo or two for you – from our bike ride for coffee. Ed is riding circles around me these days. I’m more the distracted Ferdinand, thinking about my book and, I suppose, to an extent, smelling the flowers. Though truthfully, these lovely susans don’t really have a prominent fragrance.


The clouds rolled in, the prairie flowers swayed. It was a lovely ride, even if it had to be followed by a night of terrible movie watching and many replays of Peggy Sue.