Tuesday, February 27, 2018

machines and puffs

Sun's out! We have some spring cleaning to do!

It's mildly funny that on this beautiful day, a day that portends the season just ahead of us, we dive into a clearing and cleaning by bringing out the machines.

But first -- breakfast.

farmette life -3.jpg

As I already mentioned - Ed felled a tree yesterday and now comes the task of cutting it into manageable pieces. Branches will be hoisted to the top of the wood pile (which is a mountain, so high that I cannot even see what's on the other side), logs will be stacked. He has his saw to help with the big logs. The work is both dangerous and hard and I typically like to not watch because when I witness a slip or a tumble or an inadvertent crash, I have images of severed limbs and blood mixing with the melted snow.

farmette life -4.jpg

In the meantime, our robotic vacuum cleaner dusts the house and that means, of course, that I have to dust as well. To my knowledge the little machine does not climb walls or reach tabletops.

I then join Ed outside to do my annual (or perhaps biannual) coax: so long as you have the chain saw, might you cut down this one branch (or two, or a hundred) that's in the way of other growth?

We walk the farmette land and he reluctantly takes down a limb or even an invasive tree that has taken hold in very inappropriate spaces. He is mostly agreeable if I use the right words and convince him that just letting things be is bad for the planet.

(The cheepers hate the sound of the saw. They watch from a distance.)

farmette life -6.jpg

If the sawing of timber is tough, the hauling of felled limbs and logs is worse.  I alternate between thinking : I'm sixty- four, I can't believe I'm hauling heavy logs! Yuk! And, in my finer moments: hey, I'm sixty-four and I'm hauling heavy logs! I'm so relieved that I can still do this!

In the afternoon there is this wonderful confluence of two things: the temperature climbs to 55F (13C) and I have an afternoon with Snowdrop. I suppose the only low point is a call from Apple:
Say, what did you think was wrong with your computer? Because we have no problem starting it up.

Great. I couldn't start it. Ed couldn't start it. Apple clerk on Sunday couldn't start it. Apple clerk on Monday couldn't start it. And now, APple repair person plugs it in and it loads in a snap.

So what now?
Oh, we'll probably erase everything, install new operating system...

Erase everything?
Yes and maybe that will solve the problem.
And if not, then I will have to go through the same thing again. Grrr.

Snowdrop is a welcome distraction.

We go to the park. She tells stories. And runs freely in the warming air. Oh, I know it's still the end of February, but today's taste of things to come is sublime!

farmette life -20.jpg

farmette life -22.jpg

farmette life -30.jpg

farmette life -35.jpg

At the farmhouse, the stories continue...

farmette life -48.jpg

And eventually, she wants to go outside again. Who can blame her??

farmette life -52.jpg

Off she goes with Ed to put away the cheepers. On the return, she is in full story mode.

farmette life -60.jpg

We go to the front yard. The evening beckons!

farmette life -65.jpg

I find milkweed puffs, she blows them into the sunset.

farmette life -75.jpg

A day that begins with machines and ends with milkweed puffs. And the sun was warm and the skies were bluejay blue. Just heavenly!