Friday, March 05, 2010

sentimental journeys

If you look at the Ocean destinations of the past five years, you’ll notice that right up there in numbers, after excursions within Wisconsin, there is Washington D.C. And what’s remarkable is that had I blogged the five years prior, there would have been a zero next to the city.

But in these last years, I’ve had one daughter, sometimes two, spending time there. And so I went.

This week, my oldest, the one who has been in DC continuously for the past three years, accepted a job offer in Madison and so she’ll be moving back to her home town this summer.

And so I am on my last D.C. trip. Last one. Last chance to spend time in the place that I’ve grown to love, if only because my girls turned older here.

Oh, it’s been a good set of travels! In D.C., the metro is easy, the winters are (typically) gentle, the food is fantastic, the museums are free.

And so I fly the well traveled connection through Detroit, I run to catch the known metro line, I walk the familiar walk to P street. And now I have  before me DC. For two days.

For two days, I’m turning my back on this:


...and having my fill of this:




Ah, oldest girl of mine, I can't wait to have you back in the Midwest! Now, what foods should we eat tonight?