Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Christmas with the young family

We wake up on Christmas morning to snow. It's not significant. You may be able to fashion a snow ping pong ball out of it, but not much else. But it's pretty!

farmette life-3.jpg

The farmhouse always looks so cheered up when everything around it is lightened by snow.

farmette life-5.jpg

Taking my camera for the walk to the barn to feed the cheepers is automatic, but oftentimes I don't bother pausing to take a photo. That changes on a snowy day.

farmette life-6.jpg

Ed and I eat a quiet breakfast. I'd toyed with fixing something special, but in the end opted for the familiar old stuff.

farmette life-8.jpg

And soon after, I pay a holiday visit to my mom, bringing her some foods that I hope belong to her lineup of favorites.

farmette life-11.jpg

She may not be much into holiday revelry, but her daughter sure is. A brief visit is definitely in order.

On the drive back, I take a somewhat longer route, just because the music on the radio is so good and the landscape around me has just enough of that winter magic.

farmette life-13.jpg

At the farmette, I take a short stroll to the back of the property. This is where some of our most regal pines stand tall and proud (if you happen to have a card from me this year, you'll recognize these grand ladies; what? I neglected you? poke me, it's not too late!).

farmette life-14.jpg

Oh! Look who comes out of the barn to check up on what I'm doing!

farmette life-15.jpg

If you have ever tried to photograph a flock of chickens, you'll know how hard it is. At least half will raise their butts to the camera. Too, they move quickly. But not in the snow! Behold! The parade of the cheepers!

farmette life-24.jpg

In the afternoon, I start in on dinner. It's another old holiday favorite of ours: Cornish hens. I know, I know, it does feel a tad odd to walk in from a visit with the cheepers and to start fussing with the little hens that belong on your roasting rack!

(Late afternoon sunshine!)

farmette life-25.jpg

The young family comes over and I take a break from kitchen work to open presents. So many days of total excitement!

farmette life-30.jpg

It can wear out the strongest of us!

farmette life-59.jpg

Sparrow at least benefits from naps...

farmette life-62.jpg

Time to gather at the table for the comfort food of a Christmas dinner.

farmette life-74.jpg

Revived, the girl wants to play!

farmette life-107.jpg

She has willing co-conspirators.

farmette life-116.jpg

 (I set out an easy dessert of red fruits and macarons...)

farmette life-125.jpg

One last look at the tree -- when next these kids come here, I will have taken it down.

farmette life-135.jpg

Oh, but why get serious yet! It's a day of laughter and love. Of silly games and lots of spontaneous hugs.

farmette life-157.jpg

A beautiful day! Sleep well, you children out there! Grownups too. Put away the holiday wrapping paper, take a deep breath and exhale. With a smile.