Friday, January 05, 2007

from Chicago: questions

If someone tells you you’re swell, terrific, the best, how do you respond next time you work on a project with that person? Do you try even harder? Or, do you think -- eh, I already won the person over, let me put my efforts elsewhere?

Separately: if someone comes into a windfall and needs your help in spending his/her fortune, would you put great efforts into assisting him/her in acquiring his/her dream situation or would you pout at the unfairness of it all?

Separately: if you go out to dinner and one of your party announces that they are suffering terribly from a debilitating pain and potentially horrible illness, would you continue to chomp away at the food before you, or would you abandon all pretense of a fine evening and move on, perhaps to a local ER room?

Separately, if this were your last overnight in Evanston, probably ever in your life, because your family member who has heretofore provided housing in Evanston every time you stopped over in the greater Chicago area, would you feel compelled to do something Evanston-specific? Like, teeter along among the staid and proper? Or would you go to your favorite Chicago neighborhood and enjoy it, because it is oh so much more with-it than this northern city enclave?

january 07 026
leaving Evaston, finding the hipper neighborhood of Andersonville

All this to consider in one day. My last day in Evanston (Chicago). Tomorrow, back to Madison.