Saturday, September 06, 2008


Sometimes I pity the farmers. Bad soil, lousy weather, Wisconsin bugs – it’s enough to make you reconsider.

Our images of the whole field to table thing are, of course, sweeter, gentler: young buds pushing their way up, growing and spilling their bounty into the harvesting machine (or hands). The farmer, smiling, piling this bounty into a truck, to bring it to our paved parking lot. Weathered faces and hands – so rewarding to see right up front, as we reach for the good stuff, anticipating the many meals that we'll make henceforth.

At the Westside Community Market, I see these vendor tables in the bright light of a sunny September morning, and I fill my basket, and it is all rather joyous.

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Back at the condo, Ed and I work on improving the storefront on the Ocean Store page of my website. If you have never tried to build your own click-through shopping cart on the Net, I’m telling you now – it is so complicated, so frustrating, that it’s enough to make you reconsider.

Ed has done the brunt of the work on it – days and nights of learning enough html code to make things work. Really, it has been one long nightmare. Much of it is beyond me, but what I have plunged into has been truly beyond hard.

All for your shopping pleasure. So that when you do eventually decide to buy this book, or some future book, or a photo, or cards for the holidays, or whatever, we’ll be all smiles and handshakes and kind thoughts about one another.

If creating merchandise is hard, creating a storefront for it is like working to get that squiggly worm out of an otherwise fine apple.

Uff. Happy shopping.