Saturday, March 18, 2017


So many ocean crossings are a breeze. Indeed, for the vast majority of my flights, nothing goes wrong. I pack, I go to the airport, I read or write on the plane, I make my connection, then one more and I'm there. It is a period of reflection, of missing, of anticipation. Of a familiar routine. To me at least. (The Delta agent in Madison asks -- Warsaw? Do you go there often? I don't see many people here with Warsaw as a final destination.)

But a short while ago I realized that this trip would require travel patience. With a morning shooting at one of the Paris airports (I was to fly via Paris) and diverted flights, with an Air France flight attendant strike just for this weekend (my final flight was to be on Air France), things were not going to progress in that methodical fashion I've come to appreciate.

Indeed, I wake up to a message telling me of a cancelled flight. A few minutes later, a notification of a rebooking on a Polish Airlines connection.

I have no problem with LOT (the Polish airline), but it doesn't get me miles and the flight leaves from a different terminal in Paris and all that creates a bit of a problem. Paris airports in the best of times are one big waiting game and these are not the best of times.

I and a million other Air France travelers are on the phone, waiting patiently to speak to representatives who can adjust things for us.

As I wait, I think how it really doesn't matter if I get there according to plan, or without disruption. I remember all the giant snafus that have messed with my travel plans, but these days, my destinations are simple and my agenda isn't a make it or break it thing and the lesser snafus are quickly forgotten.

I write all this because it does impact my posting today. The agent asked me if I would be willing to leave earlier and fly through Amsterdam. Yes, sure. Two hours later, the ticket change was made and now I really had to scramble. Suitcase unpacked, my morning disorganized, and I'm on an earlier flight! Time to speed!

But, time for breakfast as well. Sweet, sweet, not to be missed breakfast.

farmette life-3.jpg

And that lovely breakfast offers the only photo for this day. I'm off to Atlanta and Amsterdam and yes, eventually, perhaps without glitch or any further interruption -- Warsaw.