Tuesday, May 31, 2011

the law

1. movers
2. shakers
3. buyers
4. bakers

It was a day where I contemplated the way the wind blows. Actually, there was a lot of unexpected wind. Gusts of it. Plants shuddered, then wilted (it was a hot day – and you’ll get no complaints from me on that). Those who worked hard at tearing down rotten porch boards wilted as well.

But really, the day was dictated by legal matters.

First, (or third on my list above) was the final stage of the condo sale. I get a phone call early: Nina, the buyer wants to know....blah, blah, blah... Sure. Here’s the scoop. I provide answers, tired answers. I’m done with the place. But the new owner is still signing, obligating himself, wondering. Still, I’m done. And indeed, within minutes, I get an email – congratulations, you are no longer a condo owner!

I’ve switched from being beholden to a bank to being beholden to a Landlord. (Who is, at the moment, ripping rotten boards off the back porch.)


Later, I hear from a friend who had hired movers who basically lost or damaged much of her movables. I think about the options available to those who have been poorly served by one company or another. Basically, if you have time, you can accomplish a lot. There is, after all, The Law. (Contracts, first semester.) If you don’t, you can’t.


And late at night, my Landlord receives word that the judge who presided over the New York court case (October, 2009) that required his participation has finally handed down an opinion.

We read it carefully. It’s an interesting and not unreasonable piece of legal analysis. There were so many complicated issues at stake. The judge took note. In fifty-five pages, she provided a thoughtful perspective. One that certainly should make Ed feel proud that his role in the tangled mess was diligent, honest and, well, faithful to those who needed someone to do good work for them. So, I guess I’m glad I’ve entrusted in him Landlord duties from now on.


All day long I grade exams. I feel I ought to be tough. Because today, it’s just a quick answer to a basic and predictable law school question. Tomorrow, someone’s well being will be on the line. The bread they learn to bake today... Oh, alright, bad metaphor. Sometimes it’s all about the rhyme.