Friday, July 19, 2013

what are you gonna do...

The cat had a restless night. Ed was up, then down, I was awake, asleep, awake, awake...

The humidity hung over the morning, relentlessly, without a sing of dissipating. (We ate on the porch anyway. We are used to it.)


DSC03662 - Version 2

DSC03670 - Version 2

At midmorning, I drove downtown to do weekly grocery shopping. The air conditioning in the car was sporadic. My feeling is that in a $600 car, you can't fuss about things like that. So I did not fuss.

In the afternoon, Ed and I went to the library. In addition to reading material, we picked up videos which neither of us really want to watch.

We encounter Lee at the side of the road and have the same miscommunications about her future here, on the farm fields around us. She gave us some flowers anyway.

DSC03674 - Version 2

The heat has caused some flowers at the farmette to wilt, so I watered much of the garden in the evening. When the winds kicked up, the mosquitoes disappeared. When the gusts died down, the mosquitoes came back.

Still, it is a beautiful evening. Looking toward the sheep shed,  with the new, expansive flowerbeds...

DSC03683 - Version 2

...and toward the farmhouse, always lovely, but especially in the evening in my view.


Would you believe it - I cooked chili tonight. On the hot hot day, I cooked chili. I had to! the first tomato ripened for us in our garden. I must finish the frozen batches this month!

The rest of the evening is spent on the phone with endless persons associated with my credit cards -- accounts which I monitor vigilantly. As of this morning: all was fine. As of this evening: One had been hacked into again and all my user information had been corrupted. Heh! You think you've got me? Wrongo bongo!

I persevere. I tighten security. I change identifying info.

I mean, you could get really upset by this stuff. But it is a reality and there you have it. What else are you gonna do... Continue, that's all. Continue, using your smarts as best as you can.