Tuesday, September 09, 2014


The trouble with spending many hours on the phone coordinating bureaucratic threads that defy coordination is that it leaves you with a lot of down time as you're waiting to speak to a live person or trying to figure out what the next step should be.

With my computer before me, I fill the hours reading about pilots using drugs in flight, Scotland's move to a cataclysmic independence, about travelers hiding their online information and people ignoring their symptoms of Diabetes 2.

How can you stay normal if you spend a day glued to such reports?

I don't have many photos for you. I did rise early to let the cheepers out...


...and this is really the only time that I kept my camera with me.



Well, breakfast, too, of course.


After, I watched the sun move from point A to point B and I stayed glued to my screen, trying to work through issues (credit card, banking, bla bla bla) that should have taken no time at all.

On the upside, I did receive my first agent rejection letter. That's great! It means that I am not really sending queries to a vacuum. There are people who actually read, or at least respond to new author letters! I'm encouraged!

In the evening Ed and I played a round of tennis. Like breakfast (though less certain), our game is a bookmark. Our day ends with it. A meal will still be cooked, cheepers will be secured, but after the game, everything is a wind down.

I read that there will be storms tonight. Violent and strong. Summer never ends without a big statement.