Saturday, September 20, 2008

questions of the day

As every Saturday, Ed and I head out to the Westside Community Farmers Market. (In case you were wondering, the ripped shorts were deemed good enough for another go around. And so I walked two steps ahead.)

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We were ten minutes too late to get eggs. But, there was plenty to bring home. One purchase caused Ed to ask – what’s that?

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I think the stem is a dead giveaway, no?

After the market, I reluctantly take one of my framed photos to the Overture Center for the Arts (they will be displaying one piece from each artist during the run of the Madison Open Art Studios event). Why reluctantly? Because what little patience I had for promoting things that I do on or off the blog is gone. How do you maintain humility as you hang your stuff up at Overture? I can just see Ed rolling his eyes: humility does not pay the bills.

As I registered my presence and my photo at the downtown Art Center…

012 copy

Ed asks: why is yours the absolute smallest piece in the entire room? Good question. “I’m cheap,” “I’m modest,” “I wish I were elsewhere,” are possible responses. The same ones that I would give to anyone who would ask me why I never mailed the sixty invitations to the show that I was supposed to mail. That was my pledge. I failed.

014 copy

And now it is late afternoon. We are at Ed’s place, surveying the progress on the Writer’s Shed.

Where do you want your shower? Ed asks.

Who says men can’t change?
(A special thanks to all who took on the hefty task of explaining to Ed that many women, nay most women, perhaps most men and women like easy access to a water source.)

The sun is now starting to recede. I always am drawn to this honey-toned light, but I hate the loss of warmth. I watch the farmers return to the fields next door. They start with a bite of melon then get down to business.

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I'll end this post with a question for all you cat people out there. Assume I am not one of you. I don’t hate cats, but I don’t seek them out either. If we are to share space, I like them to keep their claws nicely curled inside their paws. Ed, on the other hand, developed a latent affection for cats. He has two strays. The two strays hate each other. Most dogs, like most people, can be trained not to hate. Is this not possible with cats? My assumption is that Isis (the people friendly cat) gets jealous when Larry (the skittish cat) comes close to Isis’s sweetie (Ed). Is there a way to end this ongoing battle?

It's time to leave the cat battle ground and bike to get a cappuccino. Oh, but the corn fields look gorgeous at this time of the year!

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