Thursday, September 22, 2016


It's interesting to be with someone who doesn't own a cell phone (do you even know people like that in these times??). You cannot check in with him. If something happens that he feels ought to be conveyed to you, you'll get a call from a strange number, as he'll be borrowing a random phone to make that call.

I've needled Ed about not getting a cell phone, but he rightly points out that he is almost never away. What would be the point?

This morning, he made a second attempt to go off on his business trip and so far as I know, he got to where he wanted to be. In any case, I had no strange numbers popping into my own phone.

I wont give you a breakfast photo -- I ate alone, or almost alone. I decided to bug my younger daughter and call her so that I would have her company over my bowl of oatmeal and fruit. Not photo worthy. Though I will throw in a shot from one tiny corner of the garden.

farmette life-1.jpg

I'm not too pleased with the fact that the bugs have reappeared in Madison. Our warmer and wetter weather are, I'm sure, what's behind it. In any case, you wont have me doing anything about the yard until it's good and cold outside. I am fed up with bugs.

In fact, Snowdrop must share my distaste for being out right now. (Though I know she does love going out for "recess" at school, but by the smell of things, I can tell that they douse the kids with bug spray.) When I bring her to the farmette, I suggest we walk to check for eggs and she's willing, but immediately after, she points to the farmhouse and says in that insistent voice of hers: go in house! -- with finger pointing, in case I didn't get it.

farmette life-3.jpg

Once in, she is cheerful and full of play.

farmette life-15.jpg

(This is a favorite: sit at my desk and "write.")

farmette life-18.jpg

I notice that her hair often gets tussled and wild after school (bug spray, feverish play, hands everywhere) and so I suggest that she sport a pony tail -- like me today! (for different reasons having more to do with laziness and Ed being away rather than bug spray, feverish play or hands being everywhere).

farmette life-25.jpg

Is it still in, grandma?
It is, but it wont be if you keep tugging at it...

farmette life-21.jpg

How about now?
Well sort of...

farmette life-32.jpg

Snowdrop, upstairs to bed!

farmette life-49.jpg

After her nap, I notice the hair tie is no more, but no matter. The girl is refreshed, energized, playful.

farmette life-2-2.jpg

Feeding her animal pals toy foods ranks as one of her most favorite things to do. They always get a yogurt. If they're lucky they'll get noodles and a cheese sandwich.

farmette life-11.jpg

And then her parents are here and they're radiant today as it's their anniversary and I am always so tickled that one daughter married on the first day of spring and the other -- Snowdrop's mom -- married on the the first day of fall and so I know that the new seasons is upon us and honestly, I think that's such a good thing!

I started with a garden photo and I'll end with one as well. On the way to the coop to lock the cheepers in for the night. Looks like fall, no?

farmette life-12.jpg