Thursday, March 31, 2011

dinner on the town

I can do this now! I can get on the bus after work and come down to Chicago for a late dinner with my younger daughter! Even though, really, I haven’t ever come down just for a meal, until today. Busy: she is, I am, and the weeks fly by. But still, I know I can, and isn't that just splendid!

Today I had additional incentives to appear in Chicago. There are things, family bits of china, small tables, things that i want to transport down to my girl's place before my own move. Now comes the time to declutter life and stick with the essentials.

It’s a beautiful day outside – and this is immensely pleasant, as the two previous times I’ve come down to see her have been in the thick of winter. Not tonight. It's a great evening for a long walk to dinner.


We eat at Antico – and I am relieved that I am eating Italian food that is fresh and wonderful. Ed’s been running episodes of Kitchen Nightmares on Hulu and the past two demonstrated failures have been Italian eateries. I can finally let go of images of soggy eggplant and stale chicken cutlets. Antico offers a small symphony of Italian flavors. This place (just opened last week!) will be around for years to come.


Yes, it’s good to be in Chicago. Tomorrow at dawn, I’m back on the bus, heading up north again, but today, I’m having a city night. A quick taste of the urban, before taking out the mouse traps and settling in to farm living. Soon.