Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Ocean, 3

Today marks a three year anniversary for the Other Side of the Ocean.

Another year of daily posts, though some have come terribly close to midnight and on three occasions I missed posting altogether. No WiFi on mountain summits in Canada.

Just as the idea that I should blog came suddenly, moments before I published my first post, so too, in the last days of this December, the idea that I should do something completely new and different with Ocean morphed into a reality. Of sorts. The ends aren’t tied, the paint isn’t dry, but the decision has been made.

This month, something new will appear on the Net. An Ocean offshoot, a child, bearing the name of the parents and some awfully familiar traits, but taking them into directions that are only in part Ocean-esque.

Look for the newborn. She'll be here soon. And today, I get to announce her name: ask for an Ocean view.

Like a teetering old thing, Ocean itself will continue in a parallel universe. It’ll lend support and encouragement to the other young thing and then, the hope is that the young thing will make it on its own and maybe support Ocean in her old age.

If this all seems too oblique and mysterious, keep checking in. The exact date of birth, as in all births, is a more or less thing. Let’s just say labor has begun.

In the meantime, I’m ready for champagne. Three years of daily posts is a long time.

Thanks, to all you kind readers and patient souls, good commenters and out-of-the-blue emailiers – you have been Ocean’s fuel. To a year of good ideas and even better images, for all of us.

january 07 004