Monday, September 28, 2015

a warm Monday

I mention at the outset that this is a warm Monday because I don't expect more such days this year. Let's enjoy it!

Rise with the chickens. Admire the now mostly harvested fields that stretch out into the hills, admire the faintly pink and cornflower blue sky.

farmette life-2.jpg

And yes, do eat that one last breakfast on the porch. It's warm, no? Yes, it's really perfect out there.

farmette life-5.jpg

Do some housework if you must, but when Snowdrop comes over (because you know, it is Monday), don't spend too much time indoors -- just enough to mess with grandpa Ed...

farmette life-9.jpg

... then go outside! Feed the cheepers a treat of stale bread (oh, how she loves feeding the cheepers and coming as close as she can to their delicate down).

farmette life-13.jpg

All under the swaying branches of the mighty (and it is mighty) willow...

farmette life-23.jpg

I know you've seen similar photos before, but this is it -- that last warm day! It must be remembered for its grand beauty, right there, under the willow.

farmette life-33.jpg

Let's settle down for a nap now. A quiet moment with penguin and with a book about penguins...

farmette life-40.jpg

But I have a distracted girl here: her focus is on grandpa Ed who is adjusting her crib -- lowering the mattress to its nearly lowest position, she is that tall!

farmette life-45.jpg

Finally. Nap time. And lunch time. Crawl time, stroller time, play time -- all in that warm air. Bask in it! Just today, love the last few whiffs of that wonderful warm, summer-is-over air.

And then all is quiet.

farmette life-6-2.jpg

Dinner of stir fry, tidy up, write post.

Later, when dusk is no longer dusk, but the night has not yet eclipsed all light, Ed and I sit on our picnic table in the courtyard and watch the bats. Isie boy joins us.

How good it is to be sitting on the table, gazing up at the darkening sky!