Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Wednesday before Thanksgiving

There are many things I am grateful for today. That Primrose is under the good care of her parents and Minneapolis grandparents. That some former students morphed into friends and they continue to write me about their families, travels, life's adventures. That I could sleep in this morning. That a second trip to the grocery store (to return romaine lettuce and replace it with... well, arugula, because nothing else is deemed safe this season) still fills me with warm feelings as I watch people wait patiently in a long line to pick up their turkeys. That there is a gentle snow flurry, that almost makes up for the continued onslaught of unseasonably cold temperatures.

farmette life-14.jpg

That Ed and I are in sync again for breakfasts...

farmette life-9.jpg

That I could meet up with my daughter and Snowdrop for a macaron treat (at the mall of her dance class -- here she is, surging ahead to greet me).

farmette life-19.jpg

(Inside "Gigi's Cupcakes")

farmette life-22.jpg

(I suppose I'm not the first to note that Christmas and kids are a happy combination...)

farmette life-37.jpg

(Every holiday detail at this outdoor mall excites Snowdrop!)

farmette life-39.jpg


farmette life-43.jpg

Grateful, too, that I can watch this little girl's dance class...

(For once, we are early and she is first in line. She is beaming, even as I want to remind her that we are nearly always last because she has such a hard time ending her play sessions!)

farmette life-47.jpg

(We ask later -- did you like the story in today's class? Her response -- no! It was scary.)

farmette life-86.jpg

How about the things that cause me to furrow my brow (but playfully, because thankfully, we have no drama in our lives this year)? Well, I made no progress with cooking tomorrow's meal. I blame the needed extra trip to the grocery store!

Things that cause me to smile? Oh, so much! But I am especially amused that this week, Snowdrop, who has a keen eye and notices everything in the farmhouse and I mean everything new or out of place, discovered the well hidden (or so I thought!) small stack of holiday gifts. What's this??? -- she asked with delight, dangling a very nice gift for Primrose which she hoped was perhaps for her.

New hiding place needed.

Too, there are the emails that come in on my computer: the usual Black Friday deals, sent early. But what's this? Stores in Warsaw and Paris are also inviting me to shop on Black Friday? How do they even explain this crazy shopping day in countries where Thanksgiving is completely unrecognized?

Alright. Enough idle musing. If you'll excuse me, I really must get to some food preparation or Thanksgiving eating will be very very late tomorrow!