Saturday, August 10, 2019


Comings and goings: the constancy of them in my life! You'd think I'd be more at peace with transitions and transfers...

No, the answer isn't to quit the incessant movement. Obviously I go places because something I crave is out of my reach if I stay home (the young family comes to mind). I'll never sit still so long as Paris is on the other side of the ocean and, more importantly, my younger daughter and her family live away from Madison.

Ah well, I know that departure melancholy fades, mainly because I know I will be up and moving and reuniting again.

This morning belongs to Primrose, of course. Primrose, the builder.


Primrose, mom's cooking assistant...


... and grandma's breakfast companion.


Nourished, she kicks around a ball...


She rests, with ball, but only for a while.


Catch me if you can!


I can, and I do.


Okay, time to settle down. With a book. With dad.


We go out for our traditional parting brunch. Hot Chocolate this time, because honestly, it's always good. And especially with the little girl and her parents. Sigh... all you need is love... well, and food and shelter and wise authors to read and beautiful music to lift your soul, but honestly, it does all start with love...


(Here's the food part! Jammy toast will do that to a mouth!)


I take off from here: it's a perfect way to depart -- the last image is of the three of them, together...




A long El train ride, with construction detours, to the airport. A long bus ride, also with detours today, to Madison. Then a brief car ride along rural roads, where I get pulled over by a police officer.
What seems to be the problem here?  - he asks.
I don't know, you tell me! - I retort.
You're driving slow. And a little off the road.
I pulled up to photograph cranes!
What cranes?
Take a look! -- I point to the fields by the road.

farmette life-2.jpg

Some people never stop to smell the roses!

Finally home. No bud snipping tonight. Somehow it just doesn't seem necessary.