Saturday, April 16, 2011

moving along

And again, I am too tired to write with care here, on Ocean. The day is too full to acknowledge in any proper way. You’re left with fragments of thoughts. Like a picture book where the authors neglected to color in the illustrations.

Alright. A few obvious high points. The market. Madison’s farmers markets moved outdoors today (for first time this year) and I think next year they’ll surely reconsider this early step outside.  It was cold, wet and most unpleasant (unless you were that infant, huddled and protected from the elements).

DSC06666 - Version 2

It was the last time that I could do an easy market run to the Westside Community Farmers Market (across the street from the condo). In a way I’m glad that it was tame rather than ablaze with activity. Easier to let go.

DSC06668 - Version 2

After? Again, runs between the condo and the farmhouse. And again the weather is worse than bad. Snow, rain, wind – all of it quite miserable, unless you think back to the worst days of January. Funny how relative it all is.


I’d say it was a successful day of moving the small items from one place to the next. But there were irksome disturbances as well. A box ripped and all the plates crashed to the (newly finished) floor. Three broken dishes and a few small dings in the floor boards. Then too, Ed realized that the current pipe configuration will not support the addition of a stove and so he will have to rework the entire network of gas pipes in the basement. This, just two days before the delivery of the appliances, including the stove.

But, one gets used to these setbacks in farmhouse reconstruction. They’re so very common! And one gets used to long days that don’t always end on a high note. Yesterday, we were building a butcher block island for the kitchen and two hours into the project (late, so very late into the evening), we found that we had the wrong piece of wood.  So typical! Wrong boards, screws, nails, fixtures, wires, pipes, connectors, outlets, tracks, paints, stains – we’ve had it all.

Still, when we finally leave the farmhouse, to return for the night to the condo, I have that same feeling of enormous pleasure at having come this far.

So I’m tired and my notes here are imprecise. But the kitchen is nearly complete at the farmhouse (minus the appliances). And the other rooms are close to being ready as well. Yes, I can switch homes this week. Indeed.