Tuesday, February 03, 2015


Because it's Tuesday and an especially crowded Tuesday for the young parents, little Snowdrop will be spending the afternoon at the farmhouse.

That means everything else for me has to be plugged into the hours of the morning. And so I'm the one volunteering to open up the coop. It's a motivator to get me up and moving.

Still, I stall for a bit. It's too cold for the cheepers to come out of their huddle. As I look out at the very gentle sunrise -- the kind where there is just a faint wisp of haze, giving us a cornflower sky...


... I see that we have visitors at the farmette. I know they hope for young fruit tree bark. No luck, my deers! We finally protected the trees from your assault! And indeed, the deer move on...



Breakfast. A jubilant meal. I don't know why we are especially spirited today, but we are.


I tell Ed that if we're to ski, it has to be in the morning. And that's fortuitous, because we have that gentle sky now. The afternoon is to bring more snow.

Very quickly, after our morning meal, we head out.

The trails aren't groomed yet, but there are tracks now that we can follow and, too, we're back in the swing of things. Yesterday it took us 1.5 hours to do our park loop. Today we did it in 45 minutes.

(at crossroads)

And just before noon, little Snowdrop arrives! She's sleepy at first and so I am content just watching her and letting Ed have a swig at keeping her in her restful state...


... but in no time she is ready to be entertained. We explore the world of bunny rabbits and penguins.



(Is that a dimple, or what?!)


And she is such a good little Snowdrop, that I even have time to bake another cornbread. (The last one was to be shared with the cheepers, but Ed whittled away at it enough for me to feel the need to make a second -- this one with fresh corn and kefir.)


Little Snowdrop enjoys the fragrance of baking at the farmhouse.

The snow comes as promised...


I put on Raffi's Douglas Mountain. A children's record that I had played some thirty years ago. Snows are a-falling on Douglas Mountain, Snows are a-falling so deep, Snows are a-falling on Douglas Mountain, Putting the bears to sleep.


... and little Snowdrop and I dance and dance.