Tuesday, November 26, 2013

the winds of Tuesday

If I had let the fast pace of a Tuesday get to me, I'd have fizzled out many weeks ago.

But I can't say that waking up at 7 and feeling already "behind" is especially a good way to start a day. Never mind -- the next to the last of the teaching Tuesdays. Life will settle down shortly.

In the meantime, there are so many things to love about these days. Here's one: having cleared off snow from the porch roof, Ive added to the dazzling view from the farmhouse bathroom (which is upstairs, right above the roof). Who would ever want to get off the toilet when a mere turn of the head will give you this?

DSC01964 - Version 2

Then there is breakfast, with my nasturtium clipping blooming away, as if it were August. Between the confused nasturtium and the confused Christmas cactus, I surely have a heck of a lot of color in the sun room right now!


After, as I work away, I notice that we're in the midst of a quick snow flurry. Really? you mean I need to sweep the roof again? (I do it! It's only a tiny sweep!)

And still later, on campus, I have a quick errand to run -- one that takes me right by the lake. Let me just tell you, we're getting the cold and the winds right now! Do you see it?


Alright. Class is done. I sit for a few minutes in my office, admiring the darkening hill outside. It's a shame that I love home so much because actually, evenings in my office have always felt special. Very quiet. Very contained. (A view from my office, onto Bascom Mall.)

DSC01982 - Version 2

But, home is better. So much better. I pack up my papers and take the old Ford home.

Some time tomorrow, I'll be traveling south.  Well, to Chicago. For a family Thanksgiving at my little one's home. Whether you, too are traveling, or staying home, I hope you are safe. And happy. Ensconced in love. Near and far.