Wednesday, May 06, 2020

Wednesday - 54th

Once again, all eyes are on the weather. It's a beautiful day! Really lovely!

farmette life.jpg

But we know what's around the corner: on Friday, a polar blast is coming our way. It seems to me that having this gorgeous day now is like dangling chocolate kisses in front of a child and then tossing them aside, to be replaced with broccoli, maybe even uncooked broccoli.

And of course, if there is to be a cold spell, much of my remaining planting should go on hold until this weather drama is behind us. I spend the night hours thinking instead about how to protect the annuals that must in some way now be covered if they are to survive the polar vortex.

Still, we do eat breakfast on the porch. The thing to note? Well, the sunshine, of course. Maybe the tulips? They're not from the garden! Oh, and Ed's hair. It's too long. He wants a haircut. I take care of that immediately after breakfast.

farmette life-18.jpg

And then I log in solid paperwork. Without the paper. Phone calls: "if you leave your name, someone will get back to you..." More phone calls: "we are experiencing an unusually high number of calls..." Screen time.

Funny how all that can take ... hours.

(Outside: we're at the peak of the tulip run))

farmette life-8.jpg

And in the afternoon, Snowdrop comes over. We have a lot to do! There's a big Lego project that we started last week, there are books to read. There'll be time for all that. First, there's the great big beautiful outdoors, with tulips and dandelions...

farmette life-27.jpg

farmette life-36.jpg

... and a trip to the asparagus patch for the first few stalks of the year. (She eats them, right then and there. Freshly picked asparagus is tender and sweet and wonderful. She does leave us *one* big stalk for supper...)

farmette life-50.jpg

(while the kitties watch...)

farmette life-54.jpg

And bubbles! Don't forget about bubbles!

farmette life-83.jpg\

farmette life-94.jpg

Evening? It's frittata time again! And as always, I get to post my same old showoff image of that lightly baked wonder dish, loaded with cheeper eggs and today, also with brussles sprouts, mushrooms, garlic scapes, lots and lots of cheese and one asparagus stalk..

farmette life-134.jpg

What grateful nod do I end with? Undoubtedly all those who keep on working out there so you and I can be sheltered in here. And I'll add a nod to a llama. Because according to this WashPost article (I apologize if the link will not give you the full story -- I'm not sure what the paper's shared link policy is), at least one llama is giving researchers treatment hope for CoVid. I'm remembering my summer visit to a nearbyfarm, where I almost bought a pair of goats. The goat owners also kept llamas. Lots and lots of llamas. Who knew then that a llama would be celebrated now, because of a pandemic!

Thank you, all you brave and hard working people. And thank you to Winter, the llama in Belgium.

With love.