Saturday, May 05, 2007

from France: cliff hanger

Internet or no Internet? It's always a cliff-hanger here and today I tumbled into non-connectedness again.

Once again kind strangers stepped in to lend me their life line. But I wont abuse their generosity and so I'll be brief and photos wont appear until I again establish a connection.

Thankfully, I have Ed's calm shrug to remind me that Internet issues are still ever with us and they are to be solved or ignored. No room for fretting.

In the meantime, we are indeed hiking along the granite coast, albeit in the French way. Two hours into our stroll (let's call it as it is) we pause in front of the most tempting terrace, where families are eating great quantities of Brittany seafood. Wouldn't you pause? And after, wouldn't you take out some work papers for a slow review, right there at the table, sheltered from the coastal breezes?

Our goal was a mere two dozen kilometers, but I can't say we made it.

Still, the tides were low, the sun was out and the views were spectacular.

My one issue (apart from the Internet stuff) is Ed's constant longing to rent a sailboat to take us out on the Channel. I may have to say yes eventually. My last excuse (Jason wont like it if I get salt in my hair) seemed pretty thin.

More tomorrow. Unless both Internet and kind strangers will completely disappear. Very unlikely. People are beyond friendly here. Nothing could change that. Not even tomorrow's big deal election.

A bientot!