Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Isis! Be quiet! Go back to sleep!

There's just a light cover of snow. Do you want me to sweep the roof? 
No, you're not nimble enough. I'll do it.

What do you want for breakfast?
Pancakes! Where are we eating?
Sun-room. We can pretend it's warm outside.

DSC06970 - Version 2

So there's this photography class online... I'm not sure what it's about, but maybe it would be fun to do it anyway... though what I really want is to get out of the iPhoto editing rut...
Go back to learning Photoshop.
There's a new version... oh! They've gone to an online Photoshop with monthly fees! 
You never even learned one tenth of the old version!
I don't want go back to the old version! That's five years old now. This one is new and improved!
That's so like you...

Okay, forget the one with the online monthly fee! I can purchase Photoshop Lightroom 5 -- that's just one fee and I can still get educator rates! And I saved all that money on yoga this month!
You don't save it if you spend it on something else. 

I'm reading about Lightroom 5 -- it sounds like simply mastering that program's file management is a challenge.
I can do it! I'm motivated!
Do you even know how to work the TV? This is way more complicated than running the TV...
Ha ha... That's because we have all these different TV viewing systems and Chrome this and Youtube that... Anyway, I'll buy an instructional manual...
Actually you can get one on kindle -- oh, but wait, you've never fully learned all your kindle features either! You are surrounded by technology that you can't fully use!

That's sums it up pretty well.

But, there's always the new year to learn something new!

For now, I'm turning my back to this cold cold weather (and believe me, that early sun has long since receded and the snow is falling and the temperatures are dropping even more)...

DSC06966 - Version 2

...and I'm setting out to my daughter's place to help her prepare for a New Year's Eve party that she and her husband are hosting. Of course I'll stay and party with the young set! I'm hoping that Ed, who is dropping me off, then returning to the farmhouse, doesn't fall asleep and forget to come and get me at midnight!

I'm also truly hoping that your New Year brings you new things to learn and enjoy, but that, too, you find plenty of the old to keep you warm and comforted.
Happy, happy New Year to all you Ocean readers!