Monday, December 26, 2016

the day after

When Christmas falls on a Sunday, Monday becomes an extension of the holiday. Workplaces close. There is no mail delivery. It is a time to sit back. Do nothing much. Put away, tidy up, exhale.

I'm in my hotel and I see that the winds have pushed the fog away. The Chicago skyline is sharply beautiful before me.


Looking down, I note that the streets have the shine of freshness. It rained last night and things haven't quite dried yet.


My sister sweetly asked me for a photo of me in the skirt we bought together in Warsaw. I find a corner mirror in my room and snap this:


Out of my holiday finery now, I go down to breakfast - this time it's in the hotel lounge.  Same feeling of being in Paris...


Outside now. Yes, it's going to be a sunny and warm day -- just beautiful really! It begs for a walk.


I'm out and about a number of times. To my daughter's home. Back to the hotel. Brief shopping. To my daughter's home again where we study her collection of cookbooks.


But we're not total couch potatoes! We all meet up downtown and Snowdrop is so excited with the reunion at this most fascinating place!


... so excited!


We walk along Michigan Avenue...


... where the lights, for a little girl, are over the top!

(My daughters and I recall all the numerous trips we made to Chicago as they were growing up... Yes, I wanted them to have an urban perspective onto the world... And they did... and they do...)



We return to my daughter's home... It's so late and still,  Snowdrop is just so happy!  So in love with those around her that she needs no toy, no distraction... A hug. Nothing more.



I'll end with a pic of my two daughters. Snowdrop was somewhere playing with her uncle and there we were -- my two daughters and myself and I felt this sigh of relief that all parents must feel when their children are before them and all is right with the world.


Yeah... All is right... May it stay just so...