Tuesday, December 01, 2009

for the birds

It is remarkable how many posts I can write on the subject of being terribly hugely monstrously busy.

You would think that I am squirreling away my writing talents (or at least ideas) for better times.


And I am.

Today I am ending my 2009 teaching and moonlighting combination days (teaching ends for me on Thursday). I remember the years when I taught and combined this with evenings of restaurant cooking. I thought then that I had exhausted my capacity to do double work of any kind. And so I feel somewhat triumphant that I put in an entire semester of work and then more work all over again. Without sinking. True, little corner shop work is easier than burying my hands in an industrial strength oven while others dart in front and behind me in a cramped kitchen.

But I am also a half dozen years older. And I’m teaching nearly twice as much as I was then. Ahh, the travails of the moonlighter...


So I’m thrilled to know that I can still drag home late at night and feel more or less successful at haivng pulling out two 2-hour lectures, followed by a 4-hour stint of introducing customers to the magic of Provence (our shop sells Provence-based items).

But I’m also thrilled that I have a month and a half ahead of me where I will maintain a saner schedule. Because, really, writing near midnight is for the birds.