Saturday, September 06, 2014


A day does not get any more beautiful than this! (You may accuse me of being especially enraptured because I had a decent amount of sleep, but I think that is only in part what makes me giddy today. It truly is a gorgeous day!)

And cool enough in the morning that I overreact and reach for the first time for fall clothes. Leggings. Tunic. I'm feeling dizzy with excitement! Goodbye shorts and sundresses, time to turn the page!

Not so fast. After breakfast...

 farmette-2.jpg my daughter and I walk to the downtown farmers' market...


...I quickly discard the sweater. And when we walk back and I lug many pounds of cucumbers for Ed's pickling project, I'm thinking that I miss my sundress very much.

You can't rush things. And why would you want to? Summer is the season to love and to hold sacred.



Why this delight in cooler weather?

My daughter, of course, marks time by weeks of pregnancy. And by a vegetable measuring stick: right now, the baby is as big as a squash! -- she tells me excitedly. So I suppose we both have reason to look forward to fall.

At the farmette, it is warm enough for the cheepers to hide in the barn. In the terrible horrible dirt there.


I tell Ed that we don't have the cleanest pets in the world. He just smiles.