Friday, February 23, 2018


The great melt away is here. Frozen sheets of ice are slowly receding. It's good news, of course. We want an early spring.


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But here's the problem: just because most of the ice has melted, it doesn't mean that all of the ice has melted. And so you're less cautious. I am less cautious. How else do you explain the Great Slip and Slide on the way to my car? Legs flying high, I go straight down with a bang on my tailbone.

It was most unpleasant.

The last time I fell that hard was when skating in Greece more than four years ago. I was so sore then, that upon returning home, I bought a special cushion that helped me sit without pain.

I drag out the cushion once again.

In the afternoon, of course, I pick up Snowdrop. Here she is at school, with a teacher who deserves the hug Snowdrop delivers.

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Walking with the little one from the car to the house, I am e-x-t-r-a cautious.
Why are you slow, grandma?
I fell on my butt (rear end? tushie? what do kids call it these days?) and it's sore.
Do you need a bandaid?
No, those only work for bloody hurts.
I will hug you!
Wow, thank you!

Apart from the reading and snacking, I'd say her afternoon is split between two activities: playing alone with her characters...

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... and then (commanding a disproportionate share of time) telling a whopper of a tale about her baby who suffered a fall, necessitating a visit to a doctor.

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This story lasted well over an hour and was full of drama and pathos!

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Luckily, it appears to have a happy ending!

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Evening. Ed and I reheat lentils and think ahead to the weekend. Ed managed to haul the truck out of the groundhog ditch so it's ready for a table, if indeed there is to be a table tomorrow.

Perhaps more importantly, there will be sunshine. And Snowdrop. And puddles in the driveway. No ice. Just puddles.