Monday, April 09, 2007

April in Paris

An Easter Sunday afternoon. Such crowded streets! Open bakeries, pastry shops and the occasional store. Packed cafés and restaurants.

Play music, skate down the Boulevard St. Germain, kick a soccer ball around.

Lovers, friends, families, so much public display of affection! Paris, transformed into a stage for the presentation of love.

A four hour walk from one end of the Left Bank to the other and back again, covering the blocks between St. Michel and the Eiffel Tower, in search of whatever it is I am always in search of in Paris.

[On Monday I travel back to Madison. In the next three weeks, I have an insane amount of work to do, to get me to the end of this semester. I imagine that the term “pulling all nighters” will suddenly become part of my vocabulary, on a farily regular basis. In anticipation of this, let me warn that posts here will be very short. I do promise a sentence and a photo every day, to keep Ocean rolling, but that’s it. It will be an interesting challenge to come up with a one sentence/photo statement for each day. Until the third of May, when I break out of my self-imposed blogging limits. The semester ends then and I will be setting out on my great biking adventure.]

But that’s then. For now, in photos (chronologically), a Sunday walk in Paris. In April.

used books and scarves

café life

window reflections: Ocean author

music on St. Germain

skaters on St. Germain

reflections: a familiar tower

peeking through budding trees

April tulips

April in Paris

April in paris, close up

spring soccer on Les Invalides

evening sun, near the Odeon