Friday, June 19, 2015

moving to mornings

The first night in Scotland, I fell asleep by 9. The second - by 10, the third by 11, the fourth by midnight and last night -- it wasn't until 1 a.m.  Normally when in Europe, I switch to morning blogging to avoid the late night exhaustion, but somehow this year I was slow to make the change.

I'm doing it today. I'm not a night bird. When I write late at night, my eyes close and the sentences stall.  Too much text needs touch up work the next day and frankly, I'm not getting enough sleep.

In transitioning to morning posts (Europe time; those in America wont notice the difference -- you'll still get your morning Ocean dose with your first cup of coffee), I wan to give you just one photo from this day -- one that may set you thinking -- now where IS she?



See you in a few hours!