Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I can’t say that I am one of those who looks for “signs.” As in -- "if the sun shines in the next minute then I will get mumps"… Strange reasoning. I avoid it.

Still, what would you think if, on the way to your Torts class, you had to slow down your bike in order to avoid hitting the white-clothed men and women?


I'm biking, as usual, past the hospital and I understand that there was an emergency drill today, so, of course, there is an explanation. But I have to wonder. Is it coincidence that I am racing to be on time for my class on medical malpractice?

Whew. Too much seriousness for Ocean.

I'll switch gears:

I have been (cheerfully?) complaining about how housebound I am this fall. I'm certain that I need flight in the same way that you need air conditioning (all Americans appear to need air conditioning). Let me say this: it is easier to turn up air conditioning than it is to put in place flight when your income dwindles (it’s the economy, stupid!), and supplements to it are, well, meager.

Spend your miles! – someone might say to me. (I accumulate miles in the way that people accumulate junk: constantly, without ever throwing anything away.) No! That’s for the ultimate rainy day -- when I can’t moonlight anywhere at all because I am so old that my joints don’t permit me to open the door to anything that doesn’t have a push button attached to it.

Late, on my way home, I bike to the grocery store to pick up veggies for supper. Hi, Ocean, says a fellow shopper who knows me pretty much exclusively through the blog. Going anywhere soon? I've been wondering... Funny you should ask, just on this day!

So, today, my occasional traveling companion and I purchased flights. Indeed! All those hours of post-work work (“Hello, how are you? What brings you to our shop this evening?”) have given me a flight.

Even though the flight isn’t until December.

In the meantime, I take great great pleasure in watching the flight of other winged ones. On that same bike ride to work this afternoon, I notice this guy take off. Happy travels to you. I know how cool it is to push off and head elsewhere.