Friday, January 27, 2012

morning light

It’s late now. We’re watching a show on snakes. It’s fair to say that I dislike it immensely.  Sometimes I am fascinated in simply watching Ed become engrossed in a story. It makes up for the unusually gross nature of the subject matter. But this is not one of those times. I’m just a tad wiped from the day and though I can think of any number of better alternatives to tracking snakes – with all their disgusting hunting/eating habits -- I'm too tired to push for any of them.

It was, in fact, a delightfully (partly) sunny day. When the sun first peeked through, I was up and ready for it.


Ed was up as well, making repairs to his unbelievable tattered 93 Geo.

DSC09896 - Version 2

And Isis was up. He’d made his way up to the farmhouse this morning. Very early. In search of TLC.

Lovely blushed with sunshine minutes!


But that's it for the outdoors. We - all three of us - retreat and resume the indoor life. Isis by choice, Ed and I -- because it's Friday and that's just the way it is.

DSC09900 - Version 2

In the evening, I play to the memories of a gentler set of weeks. Somewhere in the background k.d. lang and Tony Bennett are crooning.  
Here, Ed, I’ve made shrimp salad for supper. Andalucian style.


To the bliss of sunny days. Here or elsewhere. A whole string of uninterrupted sunny days. Mmmm...