Monday, January 13, 2014


What a beautiful day! Glorious sunshine, a climbing thermometer, peaking at 40F, gentle winds, blue skies.

I saw none of it. I lived the traditional Monday: appointments, meetings (some of them quite delightful, don't get me wrong here), and time set aside to clear my office (remember -- I decided I'd give it eight hours total; today I put in my second set of two). All indoors.

A shame, you say? Well yes. But it's different when you know that these busy days are the exception. That there will be plenty of sunshine to take in -- if not tomorrow, then the next day, week, month, season.

So I succumb to it and I cluster as much as I can in this one day and so I disappear after breakfast...

farmette winter-7.jpg

farmette winter-2.jpg

...and knowing that I would be immersed in people, and not ones who would wish or expect to be photographed, for the first time in a very long time, I leave my camera at home.

And so the next photo will be from when I came back to the farmette. After the sun had already set.

farmette winter-17.jpg

It is still quite warm -- just at freezing -- and I chip away a little at the ice in the driveway, though I can do no more than create a path leading to the road.

A magnificent moon rises to just above the pines at the edge of the farmette.  I have to smile then. No matter what, at the end of the day, whether you work or you're retired, we all share that moon and that's a good thing.

farmette winter-11.jpg