Monday, December 22, 2014


At least it snow-rained. In fact, there was a wet mixture of white stuff to start us off and then it quickly changed its mind and became all rain, leading the weather announcer on the radio to comment -- we're having a Dan Fogelberg moment. Of course, as always, I felt my pop culture ignorance swell: I had no idea what he was talking about.

It's quite unusual for Wisconsin to have such a prolonged period of overcast skies (I have not seen the sun since... Paris), but honestly, today it just didn't matter. After breakfast (ours and theirs)...


(leftover spaghetti)

...I took off the slip covers and protective cases from the couch and gave them a thorough washing. (A similar maneuver with the bedding upstairs did the trick for Ed and he no longer has a reaction to the furniture there. Thank goodness, or it would have been goodbye bed, hello floor for all our sleeping needs.) Alright! Once we wash our two carpets, we should be done with furniture cleaning.

And then came the grocery shopping. If you celebrate Christmas with copious amounts of food, perhaps you have a strategy as to when to shop for it. Mine used to be the day before. Not anymore. As the decades pile on, so my interest in last minute anything diminishes. And so there I was, loading the cart today, which is about as far in advance as I'll ever grocery shop (any farther and the stuff wouldn't be fresh).

There is a pleasant buzz in the air now and it makes this year's drab days of December quite inconsequential. Anticipation overshadows even the wettest, soggiest weather moments.

I stopped off at my daughter's to drop off a few things...

(hi, Virgil the cat!)

... then came home to watch Ed gather the brood and lead them to shelter. The rain was just too much for the cheepers.



The day closes with more of the same: damp and dark outside, bright and warm inside. Winter, especially this winter, is our time of the greatest contrasts.