Saturday, April 14, 2007

done in by the Sad Liberals

What do the Canadian Rockies and Sad Liberals have in common? The two forces that caused me to skip a day of blogging.

Amazing. In the remote villages of Sicily, in Japanese ports and towns where I longed for WiFi in the same way a kid longs for candy, in the northwoods of Wisconsin and the deserts of Arizona – I would always find a moment and a connection, to put a sentence up on Ocean.

But yesterday stumped me. Right here, in Madison.

The day was taken over by condo crisis number 859. [The closing is on Monday, but never fear, I may disrupt everything and insist on a postponement – at the last minute, I read the latest loan disclosure statement and found a major misrepresentation. Or misunderstanding. Or something.]

And the evening? I biked back to the Old Neighborhood for a reunion of the Sad Liberals – a group that spontaneously came into existence on the eve of the last presidential election.

(The sadness is slowly lifted, as hope pokes through. See our faces? No more tears. And no, I don’t know where the men where hiding.)


Sure, I had my camera, and I paused in front of my previous home to see if the planted by my perennials were okay there without me. They were:


Then came the food, the wine, the games. And still, I left in good time to post. But it was unrealistic for me to bike the seven miles back to the loft and so I called for a ride back and promptly fell asleep in the truck that hauled me and my bike home.

Apparently, I could not be woken easily.

And the truck did not have WiFi anyway.

By the time some degree of mental alertness returned, it was past midnight and the moment to post had long passed.

So there you have it – done in by the Sad Liberals. If you’re on the other end of the political spectrum, you’re probably smirking. I admit it – had I not affiliated myself with that lot, I would have had a clean record here, on Ocean. With the exception of the Canadian Rockies. Blame Canada for that one. Yep, blame Canada and the liberals.