Saturday, January 02, 2010

six years later

This is post number 4608. Blogger tells me this. That number doesn’t particularly stand out. It’s not cute, not even rounded. The more significant to me, is the number six: today marks the sixth anniversary of daily blogging here, on Ocean.

Oh, I’ve become less fussy about counting. I’ve skipped maybe a half dozen days in these six years, mostly because I just could not arrange the circumstances in a way that would permit writing and/or posting. But you know this about Ocean: if you click here each day, you'll find, pretty much always, a new post.

Numbers. Let me throw down a handful for you to consider:

Today, even in the middle of this very sunny day, the thermometer never passed five degrees Fahrenheit.

Of course, I did not know this when I said to Ed – let’s take a break from work. [I meant my work; Ed doesn’t work (anymore) per se. On this day, he could be found fumbling with machine designs on the computer; I think machine designing to him is like book writing for me. The difference? He actually anticipates reaching a final product.]

I propose a quick hike.

In retrospect, writing now from the warm interior of my condo, I can say it was quite beautiful.



But cold.

[Though this is relative: at the shop tonight, I chatted to a customer who loves winter and hates spring. Something to do with having to plant potatoes once the earth softens up a bit...)

Numbers. Let me not neglect to mention that this is day two of a decidedly work filled week-end. One more tomorrow. And then I kiss the deep freeze good bye. I hope.