Saturday, February 12, 2011

making plans

It’s curious when the change happens: when you see yourself as belonging to the category of people who are thinking out loud about retirement. Yes, of course, it could be that I will be a very late retiree. It could be that I’ll never see retirement at all. Things happen. Bodies fail suddenly, savings strategies collapse. And, I quite like my work, so there’s that to consider.

Still, as more and more people around me plunge into retirement including, of course, my occasional traveling companion, and including some who are even younger than I, at some moment not too far back I began to play the game as well: how many years before I toss aside a work schedule in favor of...something else?

There is, however, the other side of the coin too: where I think I am still planning what to be when I grow up. I will write my book. I will plant yet another garden. I’ll chase foxes away from chicks, should we choose to breed chicks.

In the meantime, in celebration of a perfect near freezing temp, my older girl and I cross-country skied. She hadn’t done that since she was maybe ten, but somewhere in her there is a gliding gene, because she is both good on ice and good on snow.

DSC05436 - Version 2

Yes, time to get lost in the Arboretum.

DSC05440 - Version 2

If you have two hours to fool with, it’s not a bad place to lose yourself in. Just you and the wild turkeys.