Thursday, August 23, 2007

road trip

It is my sixth move this year. Let me clarify: it is the sixth time that I am assisting with a someone’s move this year (one of the assists was to myself, you know, to get to the condo).

But this one is no ordinary, down a few blocks kind of move. It's to digs out on the East Coast. After surveying the options, it was determined that the cheapest and the most reliable alternative was to have me me (me!) drive a truck to the final destination – Cambridge, MA.

So, late this afternoon, I set out. Just to Chicago today. No easy feat!

I hit the storm extravaganza of the year. Lightening, downpours, winds… Downed trees, flooded streets, really – it was a mess out there. And in that mess you could find me, bravely edging forward.


By the time I got to Chicago, I knew that boredom would not be the problem for this particular journey. No indeed, survival in the face of storms, power outages and downpours, would be the goal of the days ahead.

And if I am going to go -- you know, be done in by forces of nature and global warming, let me at least record my own demise. Here you have it – scenes from the first in a series of days devoted to trucking across this great big nation.


020 road trip, copy
clouds ahead

030 getting dicey, copy

031 dark and wet, copy
flashing and pouring

043 chicago, copy