Thursday, November 17, 2011

something new

A day of work, yes, still that, and also of a few small new details.

First, I should note that it was cold when I set out to campus this morning and it stayed cold the entire day. And so I drove to work – there and back. It felt like a letdown, but a nice and warm letdown.

The drive home was a bit circuitous. I passed the lagoon of Lake Wingra and I had to stop, get out and take a closer look. From far away, it seemed as if the lagoon was developing a sheet of ice over the surface.


On closer inspection, it appeared that the lagoon WAS developing a sheet of ice over the surface.

Such a cold, cold day.

Other new things? Well, I have some new Ocean readers who, understandably, are having a hard time figuring out what’s what here. Some have threatened to read the whole blog to get a better sense of who’s who and doing what for which purpose. I feel bad about that. So I wrote up a brief summary of the pertinent (and impertinent) facts of the past 6.75 years – i.e. from the period of the life of the blog. If you are a new reader – take a look, scrolling down to the bottom of the right hand column. Does that help? Let me know.

Ocean is forever evolving. It surely isn't what it was 6.75 years ago. And that's a good thing.