Wednesday, February 27, 2008


A student comes into my office to chat. He looks over my shoulder – you have over 9000 messages in your Inbox?

I shrug. Sometimes life gets the better of you.

My day? Like countless others. Consumed by work and thoughts of work and worries about work and dreams of less work.

In between various lectures, I sit not too far from the broken fireplace at Acora coffee shop (off the Square) and stare at the logs that refuse to light up. Behind me, a picture with a peace sign feels like it needs a prop to the right.

003 copy

Perhaps I’m not telling the story well. Okay. Start again.
The Square. Walking toward Ancora.

002 copy

After, I cut through the Capitol to get to State Street. You know, the street that, in a straight arrow, shoots you straight to Bascom Hill.

007 copy

Eventually, I lose any conception of time and place. Until the light fades and it’s time to leave and go home.

009 copy

Long day.