Friday, December 28, 2018

drip drip drip

Not a single flake of snow today. None. We stayed just warm enough to ensure that anything coming down from that deeply gray sky would be wet and drippy.

It matched the state of my cold: drip drip drip. A regular water fountain.

I am feeling exceptionally grateful: whatever bug I'm dealing with now did not announce itself until well after every last bit of holiday was over and done with. If it's inconvenient to be drippy now, it would have been horrible to drip my way through Christmas festivities. (Too, who wants to eat meal after meal prepared by a drip machine!)

So, I am exceptionally lucky. Drip away, you silly thing.

On the couch, foot-with-injured-knee up, entertained by Ed, who runs by me video clips of exceptional moments from America's Got Talent (the latest -- a beautiful love song as sung by a chicken catcher). Ed is easily impressed by raw talent.

I do go out once: shortly after a lovely little breakfast...

farmette life-3.jpg

... we feed the animals. I have to say, I did the easy stuff -- handing over scraps from our Christmas dinner to Stop Sign and scattering bits of stale bready stuff to the cheepers.

farmette life.jpg

With that, my adventuring moments end for the day and I retreat to the couch.