Thursday, October 04, 2012

snow day?

In a manner of speaking, it is that. Suddenly, no meetings, no classes, no campus activities. Yes, I am vaguely tempted to go to campus anyway, to take note of the President's visit. But I'd seen candidate Obama speak four years ago and besides, last night I dutifully watched the debate and remembered only after that I don't like watching debates. I understand the function they serve, but my engagement with the political process is quieter, tamer. I ask myself questions, often times bouncing them off of Ed, who has a good way of coming up with counterpoints. And I love to listen to serious back and froths, say on the News Hour. But, still, I did watch the debate and, disappointed, today I am taking myself as much as I can out of politics.

And what a good day it is (therefore?)! An early morning look outside…

DSC00366 - Version 2

 DSC00367 - Version 2

A morning yoga class -- a slow one, a tad too slow, which tells me that I'm a Power Flow Yogi -- one who likes the quick change, the flow from one pose to the next, to the next… (Is it because I am that way in life?)

A late breakfast, too late to even catch the sun in the east room, so we're at the kitchen table, with the burst of the sunflowers from farmer Lee in our face…

DSC00375 - Version 2

After, Ed finishes painting a few corners of the house that he had missed and I play catch up with work.

DSC00372 - Version 2

And finally, finally we go for our monthly shopping trip to big, horrible Woodman's. It is, though, a mark of normal times. And because it is during a work day, we have more space in the aisles -- enough that we can play a little. If you were anywhere nearby, you might have seen, for instance, me, teaching Ed to do the Warrior III pose (think: airplane), right next to the fruit juices.

On the way home, Ed has lumber to pick up at Home Depot and we drive the rest of the way home with his arm hanging onto the too long board at the side of the car. Which does not stop us from detouring to the farmers market. For onions.

DSC00378 - Version 2

Needed for the tomato soup. Because, there are still these tomatoes. Ripening, ripening...

DSC00380 - Version 2