Saturday, August 06, 2011

two chapters

At the market, very early

I’m a hanger on to the restaurant community. I have no ties to the restaurant world anymore, not since I left the employ of L’Etoile in... was it the fall of 2004? But I have lasting good huggable people there – a chef or two, a business manager, a bar tender, a waiter. And there is the partner of another restauranteur in town and of course, always the farmers who were once known to me as restaurant suppliers and now are just in my world of fond memories. Worthy of a special pause on a Saturday morning at the market.

My camera died (why???) and so I had only my phone for picture taking, but no matter, I was less inclined to look for good photos today. I spent a good two or three hours just sitting outside Graze with a friend whom I've known for exactly thirty years, talking to combinations of the above and then a bit of time at the market, picking up everything from kale to tomatoes and oh so much more in between.

So, a photo to commemorate a wonderfully leisurely morning outside Graze...

IMG_0008 - Version 2

Then, a photo of a vendor who supplied me with a bunch of green stuff today...

IMG_0014 - Version 2

...and another to really put things in the right light. It’s August. Hot and red August. No, not peppers. Tomatoes.

IMG_0015 - Version 2

At home, much much later

Okay Ed, I’m ready for dinner. No more writing.
In half hour maybe?
Good. I’m cooking kale.
With onion and garlic. And eggs. Super healthy.
You can put on any of the movies we have left. We’ll watch your choice.

What is this movie? Show me the box! (“Eli walks alone in post-Apocalyptic America. He walks west along the Highway of Death...”) You think I want to watch this?
You said anything!
But not this! You say “make anything for dinner," but I don’t serve slaughtered bloody lamb for you!
Okay, okay, I’ll take it out. Five minutes. Just five minutes?

This dinner is too healthy. Too much virtue. Tomorrow, I’ll make something not quite so good for us.
We put in another movie, one from my stack – "How the Garcia Girls Spent their Summer."
Man, you have some pick here. This movie is so depressing. And I don’t think there’s any plot.
Should we try another?
We could go back to Eli...
Ed dozes off for a minute. We watch a bit more.
Okay, I'm with you. Enough.
You sure?
No... Yes. I think. Yes!

What’s with us this week?