Friday, October 10, 2008

warm evening ride

In the late, late afternoon, just before the sun disappeared on me completely, I biked to Ed’s place.

It has been a long week and I admit it, I am sleepy tired. Ready for a winter nap.

My Polish grandmother always went to sleep when the sun set and got up just before it came back up. I never appreciated how short her awake time must have been in early winter and how long her up time was in midsummer.

Today, I felt like I had a week of Polish midsummer days.

I watched once again (probably for the last time this year) the farmers in the fields next to Ed’s place. Bending, always bending.

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It’s that last effort before the final frost allows you to give up. It all moves at a slower pace now. There's less to pick. And there are fewer family members picking. No kids in the fields now. The shelter from the sun is neglected.

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I allowed myself a five minute nap in the sheep shed at Ed’s, then asked for a ride home.