Saturday, October 13, 2018


The frost came and did its harsh work against the nasturtium and all sensitives plants out there. It wasn't a hard frost, but a mild one -- a funny distinction, because for most annuals, frost is frost.

It was cold enough for us to focus on farmhouse work.

After breakfast.

farmette life.jpg

For me -- well, there's a potpourri of little things to tidy up. For Ed, it means fixing the shower. It turns out to be a whole day project and to get right to the denouement -- by the end of the day, it remains broken.

A seemingly little chore turned big.

The afternoon is somewhat unusual in one other way: the kids are at the farmhouse, as the parents are otherwise occupied.

Only minimally encouraged (egged on?) by me, Snowdrop launches a story. A fish story. It has to do with the fact that Sparrow has this toy fish...

farmette life-7.jpg

(It's a tale of many twists and spins.)

farmette life-11.jpg

(Funny moments abound.)

farmette life-16.jpg

(Sparrow follows along good naturedly. Even though his access to his toy fish is at stake.)

farmette life-20.jpg

(After all, there are other fish to fry.)

farmette life-25.jpg

Snowdrop reaches a moment of great drama:  Sparrow cannot be on that play mat! There are little fish swimming around and they bite!

farmette life-26.jpg

No, Gaga! Do not put away that pillow! It's fish food!

farmette life-29.jpg

(A serious pause for watermelon.)

farmette life-34.jpg

"Does that mean I can have my fish back?"

farmette life-40.jpg

Yes, go for it, Sparrow. Snowdrop has moved on to her Lego characters.

farmette life-48.jpg

Maybe you and I can read a book?

farmette life-50.jpg

Later, much later, Ed asks me if I want to go to Home Depot or Menards. He wants to dismantle the shower further. He needs a little tool for that job.
Maybe we could play a round of disc golf?

He seems so worn out by the day of work that has brought no resolution to the shower problem. An outing is a great idea.

And it's a beautiful outing. We pass fields of cranes...

farmette life-63.jpg

...doing their flirtatious, territorial dance...

farmette life-73.jpg

So many birds, big and small, looking for ways to survive the next season.

farmette life-82.jpg