Saturday, March 07, 2020


And so ends winter time. Tomorrow, we spring forward. (Europe does this a couple of weeks later.) But here, in Wisconsin, it seems we've already sprung forward. We wake up to another stellar day.


farmette life-3.jpg

I can't fully take advantage of it because I set aside this day for unpacking my mom's new apartment. I treat myself to a drive along the back roads. It adds a handful of minutes, but it's worth it. I am so much not a fan of interstate highways. Sitting behind trucks and having cars speed by you at twice the speed limit (or so it seems) is sometimes horrible, often boring, and honestly -- just stressful. I prefer having the luxury of an empty road, if only so that I can look out at these landscapes.

farmette life-11.jpg

My mom's apartment is a large studio. She was in a one bedroom before, but honestly, this place seems more spacious. It could be the result of eliminating 75% of her possessions, or it could be that a studio projects spaciousness. 

By mid afternoon, I'm done!

A brief drive through Sun Prairie shows off this rather charming small satellite town (it's just a half dozen miles to Madison from here). I should stop and take some pictures, but I'm in a hurry to get back, so you get just this, straight out my car window:

farmette life-22.jpg

Why the rush? Oh, so Ed and I can take in a walk! Just to the county park up the road, but it surely is a lovely and musical walk!

farmette life-39.jpg

Did I tell you? The warbling sandhill cranes are back!

farmette life-62.jpg

Yes, I'm a huge fan! These birds offer an enchanting symphonic presentation for us at the farmette nearly every day. (Their sound carries.)

farmette life-63.jpg

Welcome back, you lovely birds! Do your courtship dances, enjoy our waterways and wetlands. And sing your warbly tunes! Winter's done. Spring is here.