Saturday, July 23, 2011

sparks of light

What a treat: my two law school days best pals ever showed up at the farmhouse door this afternoon with their overnight bags and a willingness to (mostly) sit on the porch and talk for a good many hours.

Oh, it wasn’t all that spontaneous: when one lives in the Twin Cities and the other travels even greater distances, you need a bit of coordination.

Still, it was a terrific evening and the bats performed right on schedule and the fireflies continued even longer, though their light became muted and interspersed with the light of stars and somewhere, lightening flashes.

Is it heat lightening? One friend asked.
What exactly is heat lightening?
Don’t know, but wouldn’t you think it is just this, on a hot summer night?

A hot summer night. Yes, and a hot day too, though not so hot as to make the flowers wilt. I should know: we see rows and rows of them growing in the fields across the road. Like lavender fields only not lavender at all, but beautiful to pause by on the bike ride home from the Café.


That’s all for today. Think flowery thoughts and if you're still up now, at midnight,  poke your head outside just in case there may be fireflies and stars in your backyard too.