Wednesday, June 02, 2010


I’m racing to finish grading this week. It’s a self imposed deadline, but still, I’d like to be done so that I can indulge in a few weeks of complete downtime before I start teaching again (July).

But, life interferes. I spent time in my office today, and I also took pleasurable time off to visit with a few neglected friends. Over food, of course.



After, I really raced: to beat the storms.


I biked into the garage just as the first big drops of rain hit my handlebars.

That’s luck for you. When I was a kid, biking long distances on the sandy roads around my grandparents’ village home in Poland, I was terrified of not making it back before the storm. I hated the threat of lightening and I could never figure out if I should lay low in the ditch until it all passed.

Now, years later, I’m biking through a town with a million safe rest stops and still, I remember the feeling of urgency. I need to make it home before the storm. I need to make it home...


(P.S.: I have several commenters who continue to post comments without attaching a name to their words. I delete these. Sorry, you need to sign with a name. It’s the way it is on Ocean.)