Thursday, November 08, 2018

from Chicago

The timing of my Chicago visit is really fortuitous. I was to help my daughter around the edges of the day while the dad was out of town (and spend some time playing with my granddaughter too, of course), but it turns out Primrose does indeed have one of those bugs that requires home rest.  For working parents, this is always a tough one. But not this time -- I'm here and glad to wave my daughter away as Primrose and I settle in for a day at home.

Happily, Primrose isn't completely wiped out by this. Her appetite alone tells me that she is just a little under the weather.


(My breakfast comes after she is settled for a morning nap...)


Still, the bug does curtail outings and big adventures. Even though there are cloud breaks in the sky and the sun occasionally throws out a few warm rays, it's a wintry kind of day in the city. And so we stay indoors.

(In the morning, while she still has some pep in her, she shows me her skills...)


(And explains life as she knows it...)


In the afternoon, Primrose rests. On my shoulder, in bed, on my shoulder. On my shoulder.

She has a slight downswing, though you'd never know it looking at her await an afternoon snack.


Both mom and daughter are very happy to see each other at the end of the day.


The evening is a blur. I had cooked us some lentil soup while Primrose was resting. My daughter and I ate that very very late... The little girl is feeling better. We think. Maybe. She is such a sweet-natured child that sometimes it's hard to tell.