Wednesday, April 24, 2019


One more beautiful day, before we switch back to April. (I consider this June weather.) Sunshine, warmth, mellow air -- you could not ask for a better day to work outside.

And so we do.

I go out to feed the kitties at 7:30 and I stay out. I weed, first in the company of the cheepers (oh, do they love to see me dig! So many unearthed worms!)...

farmette life-7.jpg

... then Ed joins me and then we work together on trimming trees. Removing dead branches is like a compulsion for me, analogous to vacuuming a dusty room. To you, the farmette lands will look the same, with or without dead branches hanging from old trees. But to me, once cleared, light comes through. Everything opens up, revealing secret spaces, meadow grasses. Trees have more room to wiggle. We will have done well by them!

What's blooming now? Well, daffodils of course. Gold, cream, single, double -- each one so lovely!

farmette life-12.jpg

(the flower field to the west of the porch)

farmette life-24.jpg

The brighter colors are still with the newly planted tubs -- ones that are going to require some protections this weekend as we are now expecting an overnight frost. Again, typical April stuff. We are in April, aren't we?

farmette life-30.jpg

Breakfast is in the kitchen. Had we waited until noon, it would have been outside for sure.

farmette life-23.jpg

Once again, we pause with our work in the afternoon. Branches are heavy. Working a saw is tough on the arms.  Still, we are satisfied. It was a productive morning!

I pick up Snowdrop at her school. Sleepy girl! Hey, do you see the pink tulip?? (Most of farmette tulips are devoured by tulip loving beasts.)

farmette life-39.jpg

Sleep-walking (or nearly that) her way to the farmhouse...

farmette life-44.jpg

Inside, there takes place a grand transformation: a snack, a book (or two), a change of clothing and out we go again -- to dance class. The bounce is back!

farmette life-50.jpg

farmette life-57.jpg

(Storybook ballet...)

farmette life-82.jpg

farmette life-91.jpg

Greeting mommy afterwards.

farmette life-106.jpg

We're in for April showers tomorrow. My garden will like that. Me, I'll look forward to the next set of June days! Sunshine, slathered on a piece of toast. Delicious!